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Young Man Files Impotence Lawsuit Against Propecia

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Paul Dawson, a 26-year-old from  Washington state, has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington against Merck & Co., alleging he has suffered sexual dysfunction because of the male pattern baldness drug Propecia. Dawson’s lawsuit charges Merck with breach of warranty, misrepresentation, product liability, and violations of the states unfair business practices.

According to the lawsuit, Dawson started using Propecia in February 2008, and by August of the same year, he was experiencing depression, anxiety, impotence, and decreased libido. Dawson also claims that he still suffers from emotional issues, testicular pain, decreased semen output, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sexual sensation.

Merck is facing a growing number of lawsuits regarding the potentially permanent and irreversible sexual dysfunction problems including impotence, infertility and erectile dysfunction caused by Propecia.

Merck updated the Propecia warning label in 2008 in Europe to include warnings that some men suffered persistent erectile dysfunction problems as a side effect of the drug, but American labels have not been updated, and US doctors have not received those same warnings.

The lawsuit says that Dawson would not have used Propecia if he had known about the increased risk of permanent sexual dysfunction side effects of the drug.

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, emotional and physical injury, as well as medical expenses.
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