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Yaz Trials Start September 2012

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The first bellwether trials of the more than 1,000 lawsuit filed in New Jersey courts against Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella oral contraceptives are set to begin in September, 2012.

Nearly all the lawsuits filed against Bayer, who manufacturers Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella, allege that women have suffered severe injury, including death, as a result of taking the drugs, which are all combination drugs made with drospirenone. Plaintiffs allege that Bayer did not properly research the oral contraceptives, or adequately warn consumers about the increased risks of serious side effects including stroke, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease, and pulmonary embolism.

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti issued a case management order, stating the first Yaz trial should be ready to go before a jury on September 10, 2012, and the second trial should be ready for November 27, 2012. Neither of the first two cases have been chosen yet, but parties involved are to select 18 cases that could be used as the bellwether cases. Judge Martinotti has requested that each side select 3 cases that involve pulmonary embolism, 3 gall bladder disease, and 3 deep vein thrombosis allegations.

There have been at least 6,000 Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella lawsuits filed across the country, with the federal Yaz litigation centralized before Judge Herndon in Illinois. disclaimer: This article: Yaz Trials Start September 2012 was posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 7:58 pm at and is filed under Defective Drug Lawsuits.

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