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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Granny Cam Catches Abuse

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A statement has been issued by attorneys for the family of Modesta Alvarado-Vega, 87, regarding a  nursing home wrongful death lawsuit filed in New Jersey Superior Court, Hudson County.

The lawsuit was filed against Mrs. Alvarado-Vega’s former aide, Julia Galvan, the Harborage Nursing Home in North Bergen, and the owners, managers and affiliates of the nursing home.

The lawsuit alleges that a camera captured video’s of the abuse of Mrs. Alvarado-Vega, who was partially paralyzed and suffered from Alzheimer’s, including, the statement said, images of Galvan “removing the victim’s oxygen mask and negligently, carelessly, recklessly and intentionally striking her while employed by the Harborage nursing home.”

The lawsuit states that “[a] s a direct and proximate result of the defendants’ actions and omissions, individually and collectively, Modesta Alvarado-Vega suffered a premature and untimely death.”

After filing the complaint, attorneys for the family said “The abuse in this case was very real, as was the corporate neglect that was displayed by the defendants. This lawsuit is intended to obtain justice in the name of Mrs. Alvarado-Vega, and to help ensure that such repulsive conduct is not repeated anywhere in our state.” Co-counsel added, “Our investigation, which led to the filing, is persuasive in demonstrating that the facility, in every manner, failed to live up to its legal responsibility as a trusted care provider. The victim’s family thought their loving mother was in the best of hands when, in fact, she was in peril. Tragically, it was only because of their hidden camera that they are able to forcefully demonstrate the extent of the misconduct.”

The lawsuit seeks, among other things, punitive damages in an unspecified amount. disclaimer: This article: Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Granny Cam Catches Abuse was posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 7:48 pm at and is filed under Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits.

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