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Workers Allege GM, IU and UAW Violated Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The U.S. District Court in Cleveland, Ohio issued summonses to the United Auto Workers and UAW Local 1112 and General Motors Co., because of the allegations made by 28 GM Lordstown employees who say the company and unions violated their collective bargaining agreement.

The lawsuit seeks more than $3 million in back pay, as well as permanent positions with benefits and proper pay.

The lawsuit claims that GM extended temporary worker status without proper approval, then terminated the 28 employees only to hire them back seven months later as permanent employees with seniority. Months later, the employees were forced to agree to go back to being temporary employees and take a 40% pay cut, or be terminated. They also allege that GM was to raise their pay after hiring a third shift.

Plaintiffs say they union did not investigate and refused to file grievances and the international Union review board upheld that decision. They also say that GM failed to initiate a pay raise for the plaintiffs after hiring the third shift.

Local 1112 President Jim Graham said there are no longer temporary employees at the Lordstown facility. disclaimer: This article: Workers Allege GM, IU and UAW Violated Collective Bargaining Agreement was posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 9:11 pm at and is filed under Employment Lawsuits.

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