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Women Sues After Mirena Device is Left In Her Abdomen For Years

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Angela Collins, of Shenandoah County, Virginia, has filed a lawsuit in Winchester Circuit Court against Blue Ridge Gynecology and Obstetrics, and employee Dr. Karen Wade, alleging the birth control device, Mirena, stayed in her abdomen for years because her doctor failed to removed it during surgery.

In September 2006, the defendants inserted a Mirena inter-uterine device into Collins, who subsequently developed a left ectopic pregnancy. Wade performed procedures, including a laparoscopy to treat the pregnancy on February 12, 2007.

“The IUD was not found,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff told Defendant Wade that she had not expelled the Mirena and was concerned that it had not been found during the procedures, but Defendant Wade failed to utilize any imaging device or otherwise search to locate the Mirena IUD.”

According to the lawsuit, Collins was suffering pain in her abdomen and on her left side. Wade treated her pain on April 1, April 20, May 11, and May 24, 2007, “but failed to order any test or image or take any action that would have revealed that the Mirena was lodged in Plaintiff’s abdomen,” the NV Daily reported.

Collins went to the emergency room on June 3. 2007 because of the pain, and returned to the defendants on June 18, 2007. The defendants told her it was scar tissue and to deal with it. They gave her another prescription for pain, but told her it would be her last one.

In November 2010, Collins went to the Winchester Medical Center because of her severe pain, where they performed a CT scan, and found the Mirena floating in her abdomen. Collins had surgery to remove the device in Jan 2011.

The lawsuit says that Collins suffered physical, mental, and emotional pain, temporary and permanent disability and disfigurement, health care costs, lost wages, and loss of the enjoyment of life, and is seeking $2 million and a jury trial. disclaimer: This article: Women Sues After Mirena Device is Left In Her Abdomen For Years was posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 6:46 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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