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Toyota Sued Over Brake Defect

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Koua Fong Lee and others involved in a 2006 crash in which Lee’s 1996 Toyota Camry collided with and killed three of the five passengers in an Oldsmobile, are suing Toyota alleging the company knew of defects in the 1995-96 Camry accelerator system, but concealed them.

Lee was arrested and sentenced to eight years for vehicular homicide for the accident, but was released after Toyota issued two product recalls, and expert witnesses corroborated his story that he tried to brake, but the accelerator stuck.

Toyota has moved to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that Lee filed to diligently investigate claims, however the judge rejected the argument saying  “The Toyota Defendants appear to argue that Lee’s protestations of innocence provided sufficient notice that any reasonable person would have known of the existence of a cause of action.”

The judge also threw out a damages claim by Lee’s for his incarceration saying, “None of the alleged acts by the Toyota Defendants were a ‘substantial factor’ in Lee’s incarceration. Rather, the casual chain includes many independent actions and decisions by the Ramsey County Attorney, Lee’s ineffective criminal defense attorney, the jury, and the sentencing judge, among others. All of these factors combined to result in Lee’s wrongful conviction and incarceration.” disclaimer: This article: Toyota Sued Over Brake Defect was posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 7:51 pm at and is filed under Product Liability Lawsuits.

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