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Tennessee Resident Files Lawsuit Against Triad Over Tainted Wipes

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Mitchell Gold of Clarksville, TN, has filed a federal lawsuit against Triad and sister company H&P Industries alleging the companies knowingly distributed contaminated tainted alcohol wipes. The lawsuit also says that on numerous occasions, the FDA found problems that were not corrected at the Hartland plant, where the wipes were manufactured.

According to the lawsuit, Gold was sickened by wipes contaminated with Bacillus cereus, which he bought at a local grocery store and used to clean his skin before  injecting himself with insulin. Gold says purchased the wipes in December and was hospitalized in January after developing a rash and swelling. Gold continues to suffer health problems related to the tainted wipes.

The lawsuit also says that Triad and H&P knowingly sold the contaminated wipes, “Defendants assured consumer safety officers they would correct problems at the plant, but those assurances were on defendant’s timeline and went unfulfilled while defendants profited from the continued distribution of the defective pads. As a result, Mitchell Gold suffered greatly,” the Journal Sentinel reported the lawsuit as saying.

Documents filed on behalf of the defendants said they deny the allegations and any connection between its products and illness or death. disclaimer: This article: Tennessee Resident Files Lawsuit Against Triad Over Tainted Wipes was posted on Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 8:48 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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