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Suit Alleging Talcum Powder Caused Woman’s Ovarian Cancer will Proceed

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Suit Alleging Talcum Powder Caused Ovarian Cancer Proceeds

Suit Alleging Talcum Powder Caused Cancer Proceeds

A motion by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Imerys Talc America to dismiss a lawsuit filed against them by the husband of a woman who died of ovarian cancer allegedly caused by her use of talcum powder in her genital area has been dismissed by a U.S. District Court judge.

The husband claims his wife developed and subsequently died from ovarian cancer as a result of using J&J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower (containing talc mined and sold by Imerys) in the genital area. Women often use talc as a feminine hygiene product because of its ability to absorb moisture and prevent chafing.

According to the suit, J&J and Imerys Talc America conspired together to perform wrongful acts and to misrepresent and suppress the truth concerning the potential risks surrounding the use of talcum powder in the genital area. The Defendants allegedly accomplished this by:

-Forming the “Talc Interested Party Task Force” (TIPTF), which worked to gather resources collectively defend talc use regardless of the dangers posed to consumers and to prevent talc from being federally regulated through biased research they funded and disseminated through scientific reports;

-Releasing false information about the safety of talc to consumers;

-Using political and economic influence on regulatory bodies of talc.

The Plaintiff has accused the Defendants of plotting together to illegally keep consumers in the dark about the risks of talc use. The case will now move into the discovery phase in order to prepare it for its March 7, 2016 trial date.

In May, a woman filed a lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court in Illinois, against J&J, Imerys and the Personal Care Products Counsel alleging that J&J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower caused her ovarian cancer.

The Plaintiff claims she developed ovarian cancer as a result of using the powders as a form of feminine hygiene since 1992. She claims she didn’t know that talcum powder was carcinogenic until she was diagnosed with the cancer in 2012. The Plaintiff alleges failure to warn, negligence, breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty and civil conspiracy against the defendants. She is seeking compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, according to the Madison Record.

J&J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower contain a talc powder that is a known carcinogen, the lawsuit states. In 1971, the link between talc and cancer first came to light in the results of a scientific study. A 1982 study found that women who used talc in the genital area had a 92 percent increased risk for ovarian cancer.

Despite a meeting between the study’s author and a J&J representative in which the author urged the company to place a warning label on its talcum powders about the ovarian cancer risk, and advice from other experts warning the company to stop using talc in its products, J&J has allegedly refused to do so thus far, the Madison Record reported. disclaimer: This article: Suit Alleging Talcum Powder Caused Woman’s Ovarian Cancer will Proceed was posted on Friday, January 9th, 2015 at 4:24 pm at and is filed under Misleading Information Lawsuits, Product Liability Lawsuits.

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