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Sports Scandals Reignite Efforts to Lift Time Limits on Sex Abuse Lawsuits in NY

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Lawmakers in New York plan on revisiting lifting time limits on victim lawsuits, an effort that has been blocked several times by the Senate. The Washington Post reports that Assemblywoman Margaret Markey is chief sponsor of the current bill, which includes a one-year window for victims for file previously time-barred claims. Markey says sex abuse is an issue across society, and that it “is something we have to deal with as a society and protect our children.” Markey also said that research shows 20 percent of children are affected by abuse, and suffer lifelong trauma. The one-year window may be the only way for some victims to get justice.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday that he will introduce legislation that will require college and high school coaches to report possible sex abuse to the police, something that teachers are currently required to do. Cuomo says his proposal will close the gap of responsibility between coaches and teachers.

Cuomo will also consider addressing the statute of limitations in abuse cases, but said that a balance is needed which will consider that memories fade and evidence grows old, the Post reported.

The current statute of limitation in New York for bringing civil claims for child sex abuse is five years after the incident has been reported or five years after the victim turns 18. Markey’s bill would extend the time bar to five years after the victim turns 23.
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