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South Florida homeowners file lawsuits against Chinese drywall manufacturer, distributor

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South Florida homeowners impacted by the harmful effects of toxic and defective Chinese drywall are continuing their legal pursuit for damages compensation.

According to a report this week from The Miami Herald, some distraught and frustrated homeowners are targeting the manufacturer and distributor of the defective Chinese drywall with lawsuits. Lawyers for those affected homeowners have filed lawsuits against Knauf Plasterboard, a German company, its Chinese-based manufacturing company, Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, and Banner Supply Co., the Florida company which sold and knowingly distributed the toxic drywall to homebuilders across the state through the last decade.

Florida experienced a tremendous housing boom during the last decade and to meet the demands caused by it, some home builders opted for a less expensive Chinese alternative to a traditional American product. Using substandard materials and a shoddy manufacturing process, homeowners whose houses were built using this defective product soon experienced its harmful effects.

Defective Chinese drywall can cause corrosion of wiring and metals in homes, including appliances. It decomposes and rots, emitting a sulfuric odor. Homeowners in these dwellings have complained of breathing problems, skin and eye irritations and other health problems which have forced them to find alternate housing.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has ruled that any home built with toxic Chinese drywall must be fully gutted to ensure its harmful effects do not linger.

In the recently filed lawsuits, homeowners seek compensatory damages as well as punitive damages against Knauf and its Chinese-based manufacturing outfit. A judge told lawyers each plaintiff will have to present their own evidence to allow punitive damages to be sought. They claim Knauf entered into a secret deal with Banner Supply Co. to distribute the toxic Chinese drywall even after receiving complaints regarding its quality. The lawsuits against Banner argue the distributor agreed to keep quiet on the claims of problems with the Chinese drywall and waited until Knauf began supplying it with American-made drywall. disclaimer: This article: South Florida homeowners file lawsuits against Chinese drywall manufacturer, distributor was posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 8:49 pm at and is filed under Construction Defect Lawsuits.

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