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Plaintiff Wants to Destroy Synthes Inc., over Bone Cement

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When Lois Eskind died on the operating table of a heart attack while being treated for osteoporosis, her family was deeply grieved. However, when they discovered that her death was possibly caused by the illegal use of Synthes Inc., bone cement, their grief turned to anger. “I feel like my mother was murdered.” Eskind’s daughter Eva Sloan said. “I wanted to destroy them, I didn’t know any other way. I might only be a bumble bee to them, but I want them to know I’m ticked off. Well, I’m more than ticked off.”

Sloan along with her brother Roger Lee McConnell and Sloan’s husband Ike filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia federal court against Synthes claiming wrongful death and failure to warn patients regarding the illegal promotion and testing of the bone cement. Though Lois died in 2003, Sloan did not learn that her mother had been part of a ‘human experiment’ involving the bone cement, until a reporter told her about it in 2011. Eskind was the first of three patients to die on the operating table.

Approved by the FDA for use on arm bones and parts of the skull, sources report that Synthes encouraged “selected” surgeons to use the bone cement in back operations, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, even though the company was receiving reports that the cement was causing blood clots.

In 2011, Sloan told the Inquirer, “I know I didn’t realize it was experimental. I guess we assumed it was her heart. But if this could have been caused by a clot, then, well, that’s kind of shocking.”

The Sloan lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages sought. disclaimer: This article: Plaintiff Wants to Destroy Synthes Inc., over Bone Cement was posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 8:11 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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