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Orange County, California, Nursing Home Accused Of Abuse

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Marsha Davis, 68, has filed an elder abuse lawsuit against Country Villa nursing home in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging the Seal Beach nursing home forcibly medicated her with psychotropic drugs to “chemically restrain” her and try to take control of her retirement money.

According to the lawsuit, after being medicated to the point of disorientation, the nursing home claimed Davis suffered from “cognitive impairment” and attempted to collect her social security.

Though she had no family to advocate for her, a friend got involved and had the medication was stopped. Davis was then transferred to a different nursing home.

An investigation by the state found that Davis was given Haldol, an antipsychotic medication use for schizophrenia. State codes forbid the use of psychotropic drugs for “patient discipline or staff convenience”. The policy of the nursing home stated in all capital letter that antipsychotics “SHOULD NOT BE USED” when a patient only exhibits anxiety. The investigative report also stated that the nursing staff continued to give Davis a drug for dementia, even when a doctor ordered the drug stopped.

The lawsuit seeks damages in of an unspecified amount. disclaimer: This article: Orange County, California, Nursing Home Accused Of Abuse was posted on Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 7:17 pm at and is filed under Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits.

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