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NuvaRing Blamed For Wife’s Death

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A Newport News, Va., man has filed a lawsuit against NuvaRing contraceptive manufacturers Organon and Merck after his wife died from “large clot burden of acute pulmonary emboli involving bilateral distal right and left pulmonary arteries and multiple segmental pulmonary arteries.”

In the lawsuit, Eric Horne, father or two, alleged that Merck and Organon knew that NuvaRing “was associated with more thrombotic [blood clot] events than the pill,” but “marketed, promoted and advertised NuvaRing as presenting less of a risk of thrombotic side effects than other means of contraception”.

The lawsuit also claimed that “Defendants obtained permission to market NuvaRing by presenting safety data derived from studies on the pill and failed to do proper clinical investigation with actual users of NuvaRing.

“In actuality, as defendants knew but failed to disclose, the NuvaRing released a continuous stream of hormones (progestin and estrogen) into the body of a user, at a higher level than the pill provided, and more than defendants stated were being released into the bloodstream in its promotional literature.

“In addition, the method of hormone delivery intended by the manufacturer of the NuvaRing resulted in the inability to control the dosage of hormones delivered by the device. As a result, the product delivered inconsistent dosing, frequently delivering significantly more hormones than was intended or safe.”

The lawsuit says that if Mrs. Horne’s doctor had known about the increased risks of thrombotic side effects, “the medication would not have been prescribed or the warnings and informed consent given by the patient would have resulted in her not taking the medication. Far safer alternatives existed.”

The lawsuit alleges negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty and loss of  consortium and seeks $10 million in damages.
 disclaimer: This article: NuvaRing Blamed For Wife’s Death was posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 at 7:00 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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