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Nursing Home Medical Records Questioned After Woman’s Death

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The Sacramento Bee has been investigating 150 cases of altered nursing home chart falsifications in California, and reported the case of Don Esco, whose wife of nearly 61 years died after only 13 days in nursing home. Esco filed a nursing home abuse lawsuit claiming the facility lied in their medical charts about the care given to his wife Johnnie.

Johnnie was a resident of the El Dorado Care Center in Placerville after suffering a bout with pneumonia. Her death, and the inconsistencies of her records resulted in investigations by the California Department of Justice, and the Department of Public Health, as well as the filing of Don’s lawsuit, and the exhumation of her body.

They found that even though her medical records showed differently, Johnnie suffered a serious bowel obstruction as well as a blood clot in her left leg. The bowel obstruction was so severe that her rectum had dilated to nearly four inches. She also had bruising along her chin, jaw line and chest, as well as bruising around her wrist and a wound on one of her fingers. The staff was alerted by her family to her chronic constipation issues, though they went largely ignored.

The cause of her death was determined to be pulmonary embolism, with her bowel problem being a major contributing factor. The Department of Justice has reopened its investigations into the El Dorado Care Center. disclaimer: This article: Nursing Home Medical Records Questioned After Woman’s Death was posted on Monday, September 19th, 2011 at 8:23 pm at and is filed under Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits.

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