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NH Largest Defective Drug Liability Award Upheld by Appellate Court

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The First Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a federal jury’s $21.6 million award to Karin Bartlett of Plaistow, NH after finding that the generic prescription anti-inflammatory drug Sulinac caused her to suffer severe burns to her skin and mucus membranes, and blindness.

According to The Associated Press, Bartlett used Sulinac, manufactured by Mutual Pharmaceutical, in December 2004 after her physician prescribed it for her shoulder pain. Within weeks after starting the medication, she began to suffer a reaction.

According to First Circuit Judge Michael Boudin, Bartlett had a severe reaction to the drug. “Bartlett cannot eat normally due to esophageal burns, cannot have sexual relations due to vaginal injuries and cannot engage in aerobic activities due to lung injuries. She cannot read or drive or work. She is seriously disfigured in face and body.”

Bartlett spent months in a medically-induced coma as doctors treated the burns which covered over 65 percent of her body, and has undergone more than twelve operations on her disfigured eyes. She is legally blind.

Mutual Pharmaceutical challenged the original verdict, arguing that it was excessive, especially the jury awarded $16.5 million for Bartlett’s pain and suffering, and her loss of enjoyment of life. The Appellate Court upheld the award. disclaimer: This article: NH Largest Defective Drug Liability Award Upheld by Appellate Court was posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 8:20 pm at and is filed under Defective Drug Lawsuits.

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