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New York School District Sued over E. coli

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Former Wappingers Central  School District student Caitlin Holt has filed a lawsuit against the district for medical costs, and pain and suffering after she allegedly contracted E.coli on April 9, 2010, from a chicken wrap served for lunch at Roy C. Ketcham High School where Holt was a student. The lawsuit names Sysco Corp, Andrew Smith & Co., and Freshway Foods as co-defendants, as they grew, supplied, and distributed the allegedly tainted shredded lettuce that was on the chicken wrap.

According to the lawsuit, Hold suffered bloody diarrhea on April 11, and was admitted to Vassar Brothers Medical Center on April 22, with E.coli –induced hemolytic uremic syndrome. The lawsuit says she was left partially disabled with permanent kidney damage, and suffered acute kidney failure, an inflamed pancreas, acute inflammatory bowels, a low blood cell count, difficulty swallowing, as well as severe pain, and restricted motion, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports.

At least 27 confirmed cases of illnesses were linked to the Arizona grown lettuce, which prompted a national recall of Freshway Foods and Andrew Smith & Co. produce.

The lawsuit says she incurred medical expenses because of the E.coli, including $143,000 for doctor services, $611,000 for medications, $45,000 for psychiatric and psychological care, and over $1 million for hospital care.

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