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New Jersey Consolidation Requested In AlloDerm Lawsuits

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Plaintiffs have requested that all lawsuits filed in New Jersey state courts regarding AlloDerm skin graft hernia patches be consolidated. There are currently 25 AlloDerm lawsuits filed throughout the state, and more are expected. A consolidation would mean that all cases would be centralized before one judge for pretrial proceedings, much like a class action, however the cases would stay individualized, with each case being judged on its own merits at trial.  The Application for Mass Tort Designation was filed in New Jersey Supreme Court and requests that consolidation be overseen by Judge Carol E. Higbee in Atlantic County.

AlloDerm is an acellular cadaveric dermal matrix used for hernia repair, severe burns, breast reconstruction, facial reconstruction and some types of dental work. It is made from the collagen and elastin of de-celled cadaver skin.

The lawsuits allege that AlloDerm manufacturer LifeCell designed a faulty product, failed to warn of the risks of the product, and failed to inform consumers of the true nature of the skin grafts.

The lawsuits claims that AlloDerm has numerous side effects including bruising, swelling, abscess and infection. More serious AlloDerm side effects include injury to nearby organs and hernia repair failures that may require surgery to remove or repair the AlloDerm graft. disclaimer: This article: New Jersey Consolidation Requested In AlloDerm Lawsuits was posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2011 at 7:09 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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