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Mountain Dew Mouth Plagues Appalachia

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Central Appalachia is the number one area in the United States for toothlessness, with one of the main causes being Mountain Dew. In an area where dental education and dental care are at an all-time low, children are experiencing a significantly higher rate of tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Mountain Dew Mouth got its name from the high rate of tooth decay caused by the high amounts of caffeine and sugar in the drink, which doctors feel Appalachian children use as an anti-depressant.  Area dentists say some parents even put Mountain Dew in baby bottles. Even toddlers are being diagnosed with Mountain Dew Mouth after dentists discovered that some have more than 12 cavities in their first set of baby teeth.

Many Appalachian young people buy large bottles of Mountain Dew and sip on it from the time they wake  up to the time they go to bed, essentially bathing their teeth in sugar for eight hours a day. Teenagers have reported pulling their own teeth with pliers because decay has caused severe pain.

One of the problems in Appalachia is that one out of two children is enrolled in the Medicaid program, but not quite one quarter of the dentists in the mountain regions accept it.

In an effort to make dental care available to the children in eastern Kentucky, Dr. Edwin Smith, a Barbourville, Ky dentist invested his own money and built a mobile dental clinic that serves 16 rural counties, offering free dental exams and services to the under- privileged, many of who have never seen a dentist before, and will probably have to wait years to see another. disclaimer: This article: Mountain Dew Mouth Plagues Appalachia was posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 at 8:18 pm at and is filed under Personal Injury Lawsuits.

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