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Morgantown WV Residents Want Appeal of Fracking Ban Ruling

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Just days after Judge Susan Tucker of the Circuit Court of Monongalia County overturned a City Council ban of hydraulic fracturing within a mile of Morgantown WV city limits, residents are pushing for an appeal.

Kathleen Case, leader of the group West Virginia for a Moratorium on Marcellus said that city official “leadership on this issue is critical not just to Morgantown, but to the entire state.”

The Morgantown ban was the third fracking ban in the state, with Lewisburg and Wellsburg issuing the first bans. The ban came after WV permitted Northeast Natural Energy to drill and frack two wells just above the drinking water intake for nearly 90,000 Morgantown residents. The Morgantown Utility Board negotiated supplemental permit conditions the company to protect the water supply, but residents were still concerned about the water, air quality, increased truck traffic, and how the city would manage dozens of wells around the town and the increased accident potential.

State lawmakers have renewed efforts of creating comprehensive regulations for Marcellus Shale gas extraction.

The city has four months to appeal the overturning of its ban to the state Supreme Court, according to Morgantown Assistant Staff Attorney Brent Burton, as reported by the State Journal.

Northeast has drilled a second well in the Morgantown area, and with the ban overturned, the company plans to begin fracking in September. disclaimer: This article: Morgantown WV Residents Want Appeal of Fracking Ban Ruling was posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 7:35 pm at and is filed under Toxic Substances Lawsuits.

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