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Mom Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Son’s Suicide

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Wendy Walsh, California, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Tehachapi Unified School District, days after investigators reported that school officials failed to investigate the complaints of attacks and harassment of her 13-year old son.

The lawsuit names district Superintendent Richard Swanson, Jacobsen Middle School Principal Susan Ortega, and several other teachers, accusing them of of civil rights violations, after Seth Walsh hanged himself moments after classmates attacked and taunted him. The lawsuit claims that school officials ignored the continual public taunting, attacks and assaults that caused Walsh’s death.

Walsh left a note that help to motivate Wendy to hold the school district accountable. The note said, “I love you. Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure. I know this will bring much pain. But I will hopefully be in a better place than this (expletive)hole. Please, put my body in burial and visit my used body. And make sure to make the school feel like (expletive) for bringing you this sorrow. This life was a pleasure, mostly having you guys to bring me through the pain. Hopefully I become the universe.”

The Tehachapi district will survey all its schools, define new strategies, and place new policies throughout the district in an effort to end gender- and sexuality-based harassment, as the result of a settlement between the district and the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Department of Education. disclaimer: This article: Mom Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Son’s Suicide was posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 6:32 pm at and is filed under Uncategorized.

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