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MLB Umpire And Wright Medical Technology Reach Settlement

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Mark Hirschbeck, a former Major League Baseball umpire, has agreed to settle a hip replacement lawsuit against Wright medical Technology of Arlington, Tennessee. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

In June, 2003, Hirschbeck underwent hip replacement surgery on his right hip. A month later, the ceramic hip replacement shattered while he was sitting, watching television. He then suffered an infection in the hip and had to have four operations to correct the damage.

Hirschbeck also sued Dr. John Keggi, who performed the implant surgery at Waterbury Hospital, and who told Hirschbeck that he gave him “the Rolls Royce in artificial hips,” and that Hirschbeck “wouldn’t have to worry and could go back to umpiring.” Keggi settled with Hirschbeck earlier this year, agreeing to pay an undisclosed amount of money.

Hirschbeck’s lawyers had originally agreed to settle the lawsuit against Wright for $3 million. Hirschbeck, who is now 50 years of age, was an umpire for 15 years and umpired the 2003 World Series. Because of the defective hip replacement, he is permanently disabled and unable to work as a professional umpire.

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