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Mira Loma Distribution Center Facing Federal Wage Lawsuit

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According to Press-Enterprise, warehouse workers at the Mira Loma distribution center have filed a lawsuit in Riverside California alleging that Schneider Logistics and two subcontractors forced employees to work under a scheme that paid them for fewer hours actually worked, denied them minimum wage and overtime, and did not provide workers with detailed records of hours work or how their pay was computed.

The lawsuit seeks class action status and was filed with the assistance of Warehouse Workers United, a group that supports non-union warehouse workers at distribution centers. The three companies involved in the lawsuit are also being investigated by a state agency for wage law violations.

The Department of Industrial Relations has issued a $499,000 fine against Impact Logistics for failing to provide itemized wage statements to employees, and a citation against Premier Warehousing Ventures for failing to maintain employee time records. Both companies are vendors at the distribution center.

The lawsuit says that workers were paid under a “piece rate” plan that pays according to the number of trucks loaded and unloaded, while not paying for time spent waiting on trucks to arrive, and using the time to perform other job related tasks. While workers were forced to remain at work for as many as 14 hours, they were not paid overtime, and their wage came to less than minimum wage. One of the plaintiffs also said that if a workers asks for a detailed pay statement or explanation if pay calculations, he risked being suspended or fired. disclaimer: This article: Mira Loma Distribution Center Facing Federal Wage Lawsuit was posted on Friday, October 21st, 2011 at 7:26 pm at and is filed under Employment Lawsuits.

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