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Michigan Nursing Home Placed on Federal Watch List

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The Detroit Free Press has reported that Borgess Gardens nursing home in Kalamazoo, Michigan is on a federal watch list of the state’s most trouble nursing facilities, and will lose its access to Medicaid and Medicare monies if it does not improve. The facility is the lowest ranked nursing facility out if Michigan’s 427 licensed nursing homes, as ranked by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Borgess is currently facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Amerriel Cegers, daughter of Alicia Cegers who died after her tracheostomy tube became tangled in the rails of her bed as an aide tried to turn her over in bed. Borgess staff was not able to reinsert the tube. Cegers died August 20, 2010 when her heart stopped from lack of oxygen, at the age of 51.

Cegers had been a resident of the nursing facility for several years after suffering a stroke and other ailments. While under the care of Borgess, Cegers was hospitalized seven times in the last year of her life, and hospital doctors noted inadequate care of her breathing tube. Obstruction, irritation, signs of infection, and swelling were all noted, the lawsuit said.

The state ordered Borgess Gardens to pay Alicia Cegers’ estate a $100 civil fine, which her daughter says, “.. is an insult to my Mom.” The fine is typical for state determined public health code violations. Cegers refuses to cash the check.
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