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Metal Hip Patients Still Know Little About Device Failure and Revision Rates

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It has been three years since Johnson & Johnson (J&J) recalled its all-metal ASR hip implant worldwide, but fewer than 10 percent of the 4,500 Indian patients implanted with the device have approached the nation’s redressal agency.

Food and Drug Administration commissioner Mahesh Zagade suggested to the Times of India that the lack of response proves how little Indian citizens know about hip implant procedures or the possible ramifications of surgery. Zagade recommended that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should take the initiative to educate patients.

“We also need specialized courts and compensation laws in the country to tackle these emerging issues better,” he said.

Researchers discussed the ASR’s unusually high revision rates long before the device was recalled in 2010. However, many doctors continued to implant the ASR in patients without protest right up until that time, leading some experts to question whether patients should ever blindly trust their doctor, according to the Times of India.

“I was told this was the best implant in the market,” one patient told the Times of India. “I had known the surgeon for over five years, so I did not even consider taking a second opinion.” disclaimer: This article: Metal Hip Patients Still Know Little About Device Failure and Revision Rates was posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 7:14 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits, Medical Malpractice Lawsuits, Other Lawsuits, Personal Injury Lawsuits.

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