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Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit Continues

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A whistleblower lawsuit filed by Halifax director of physician services, Elin Baklid-Kunz, alleging that for years Halifax Health inappropriately admitted patients, allowing them to overbill Medicare tens of millions of dollars will continue after a judge denied a motion to dismiss.

The lawsuit, filed in 2009, also claims that the hospital had illegal financial relationships with physicians. Regarding the motion to dismiss, U.S. District Court Judge Gregory A. Presnell found that Halifax did not prove that:

  1. the allegations made against the hospital were not specific enough to warrant further litigation
  2. The hospital is immune from the lawsuit because it is a part of the state

Also, the federal government has been probing Halifax billing procedures and filed a “statement of interest” against the Halifax motion to dismiss.

Regarding the lawsuits claims that the hospital overbilled, the judge said that an exhibit “purports to identify 216 patients who were improperly admitted and in regard to whom Medicare overpaid nearly $850,000 to Halifax. But one example is enough to show that Halifax was incorrect to assert that BaklidKunz failed to identify “specific false claims that were paid, patients who were fraudulently admitted or specific Diagnostic Related Codes for procedures that were (the) subject (of) false claims.’ ”

A Halifax spokeswoman said that hospital denies the allegations in the lawsuit and said the hospital believes “our position will be borne out by the evidence.” disclaimer: This article: Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit Continues was posted on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 at 4:50 pm at and is filed under Fraud Lawsuits.

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