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Lawsuit Seeks To Prevent Gas Drilling In The Ozarks

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A lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Little Rock, Arkansas, to prevent hydraulic fracturing in Greer’s Ferry Lake in northern central Arkansas and the Ozark National Forest in northwest Arkansas until studies show that fracking is not harmful to the environment.

The lawsuit alleges that there are already far more gas wells in the Ozark National Forest than 2005 estimates made by the Bureau of Land Management, and that the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM violated laws by not conducting environmental impact studies and resource management plans as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, the Forest Management Act and the Mineral Leasing Act.

The lawsuit also claims that licenses have been issued by the Corps of Engineers for seismic surveys of underground formations beneath Greers Lake to natural gas companies for potential gas yields, and that drilling will start under the lake once the seismic work is completed.

The lawsuit was filed by a large group of environmental organizations and individuals and seeks to prevent the Bureau of Land Management, The Forest Service and the Corps of Engineers from issuing additional gas leases until the environmental impact statements and resource management plans have been completed and approved. They also request the BLM halt activities under already issued gas leases. disclaimer: This article: Lawsuit Seeks To Prevent Gas Drilling In The Ozarks was posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 at 8:56 pm at and is filed under Toxic Substances Lawsuits.

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