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Lawsuit Claims Doctor Ignord Standard Practice At Advice Of Salesman

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??The medical malpractice lawsuit filed by David Hall of Virginia against  Horn Medical, IGP Medical, Jeffrey G. Wenzel and Louis Provenza, M.D. in a New Orleans federal court alleges that Louisiana surgeon Provenza followed the recommendation of a salesman instead of following the appropriate standard of care.

The lawsuit alleges that the FDA approved Verticor Eclipse Spinal Spheres to be used in conjunction with bone graft, and that on Wenzal’s recommendation Provenza inserted the spheres into Hall’s spine without using a bone graft, allograft or synthetic bone graft. Wenzel distributes and sells the medical device.

The lawsuit accuses Horn Medical, IGP Medical, Wenzal and Provenza of failing to warn of the dangerous and defective propensities of the spheres, and failing to correctly advise that fusion is required when placing the spheres. Provenza is accused of deviating from the applicable standard of care.

Hall had the spheres removed two months after they were placed and underwent  a lumbar fusion surgery. Hall is seeking damages for pain and suffering, metal anguish, lost wages, medical bills, court costs, interest and permanent disability and impairment of earning capacity. disclaimer: This article: Lawsuit Claims Doctor Ignord Standard Practice At Advice Of Salesman was posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 7:17 pm at and is filed under Medical Malpractice Lawsuits.

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