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Lawsuit Alleges Propecia Hair Loss Drug Drove Man to Suicide After Four Tortured Years

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Lawsuit Alleges Propecia Hair Drug Drove Man to Suicide

Lawsuit Alleges Propecia Hair Drug Drove Man to Suicide

Drug maker Merck & Co. is facing lawsuit allegations that involve suicidal thoughts and depression with Propecia, the company’s prescription hair loss drug. It is the first lawsuit of its kind.

The Plaintiff in the case is the wife of a man who committed suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming train after taking Propecia to treat male pattern hair loss for several years. She alleges that Propecia causes suicidality and depression in some of its users. According to the suit viewed by Law360, Merck & Co. never provided any information about the psychiatric side effects in on the drug’s label or in the literature the drug maker distributes about it. The suit was filed March 5 in California’s Southern District.

The plaintiff’s husband began taking a one-milligram dose of Propecia in May 2008, and in 2009 his family says he started exhibiting odd behavior, including anger, aggression and anxiety. By 2011, her husband was “unrecognizable.” His sex drive disappeared, he became short-tempered, and he suffered extreme anxiety. He developed repetitious behavior and allegedly became overweight, despite being active and healthy. Near the end of 2011, he experienced two panic attacks, Law360 reported.

Suspecting that Propecia could be the cause of his diminished sex drive, the plaintiff’s husband filled his last prescription for the drug in February 2012, but he only got sicker, the plaintiff alleges. By May 2012, he was increasingly angry and aggressive towards family members and suffering from severe insomnia. He napped during the day and complained of muscle twitching and shaking in his legs, Law360 reported.

In January 2013, the plaintiff’s husband resigned from a company he had helped build. He attempted to get his job back three days later, but the company declined to rehire him. He spent the next several months barely able to sleep, and he grew more distant, confused and directionless. In March of that year, the 40-year-old man walked down the street and jumped in front of an oncoming train that killed him instantly, according to Law360.

Merck only included warnings about depression and suicidal ideation on Propecia’s label and in the drug’s literature starting in 2010. The suit cites studies that demonstration a connection between Propecia and severe depression and suicidal behavior, and notes that other drugs associated with psychiatric side effects include warnings on the drugs’ labels and literature that explains side effects to users, according to Law360.

The plaintiff filed suit on behalf of herself, her husband’s estate, and the couple’s two young children. She is seeking damages for wrongful death and survival action. disclaimer: This article: Lawsuit Alleges Propecia Hair Loss Drug Drove Man to Suicide After Four Tortured Years was posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 at 7:06 pm at and is filed under Defective Drug Lawsuits.

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