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Jury Awards $5.4 Million In New York Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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New York Supreme Court, St. George has awarded plaintiff Robert Messina a multi-million dollar verdict in his Staten Island University Hospital medical malpractice lawsuit. Messina sued SIUH after bedsores caused him to suffer medical complications and a hip infection that has left him wheelchair bound.

Messina was diagnosed with encephalopathy with altered mental status and in was admitted to the SIUH on August 31, 2010. By Within a few days he had severe bedsores on his lower spine, buttock, genitals and ankles.

Though the other ulcers healed in time, the bedsores on his ankle and lower spine continue to plague him, and then his spinal ulcer “exploded” and he was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a bone infection, in his right hip. The hip is dislocated, but because of the infection, Messina is unable to get a hip replacement.

The lawsuit claimed that improper treatment of the bedsores led to the hip infection and his being unable to walk. The jury agreed and found SIUH 75% liable for Messina’s condition. The jury found the Golden Gate Rehabilitation  and Health Care Center, where Messina had received short term care, 25% liable, but since they were not named in the lawsuit Messina will not receive money from them.
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