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Intuitive Surgical Sued over Alleged da Vinci Robot related Death

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Gilmore McCalla has filed a lawsuit in New York City federal court against Intuitive Surgery, Inc., alleging that a robotic device used during his 24-year-old daughter’s hysterectomy caused her death. The lawsuit alleges that the robot burned an artery and her intestines, which caused her to die two weeks after the surgery.

The lawsuit claims that da Vinci Surgical Robot has design flaws, including non-insulated surgical arms that allow the electrical current to jump from the surgical site to nearby organs and tissue. McCalla also claims in the suit that the company “has suppressed reports of complications, and has oversold the merits of its da Vinci robot to hospitals considering buying it.” He also alleges that Intuit Surgical did not train physicians properly concerning device usage.

In a separate lawsuit McCalla alleges the physician conducting the surgery and the hospital were the operation was done were careless for not finding the damage caused his daughter by the da Vinci robot.

The da Vinci robot is used for various prostate and gynecologic surgeries including hysterectomy and complications with the device are being published within the medical arena suggesting tears and burns to the intestines, uterus, vaginal cuff, and blood vessels are common. disclaimer: This article: Intuitive Surgical Sued over Alleged da Vinci Robot related Death was posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 8:51 pm at and is filed under Medical Device Lawsuits.

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