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Illinois woman files Depakote birth defects lawsuit

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An Illinois woman has become the latest to file a lawsuit against the makers of the anti-seizure medication Depakote, claiming her baby was born with spina bifida as a result of her taking the drug.

According to a brief from The Madison/St. Clair Record, an online league journal, Rhealyn Alexander claims she took Depakote during her pregnancy but was never warned of the dangers of the life-altering birth side effects, including the chance a child she bears could be born with spina bifida.

In October 2007, Alexander gave birth to a daughter born with the birth defect. She filed a lawsuit aainst Abbott Laboratories, the makers of Depakote, earlier this month. Her lawsuit seeks an undisclosed amount in damages, according to the report.

Alexander believes Abbott was fully aware of the dangers its anti-seizure medication posed to pregnant women but failed to warn the public of those hazards.

The FDA hasn’t acknowledged any birth defects associated with Depakote until 2009. The drug has been available since the 1970s.

A recent study suggests Depakote increases the risk of six different birth defects including cleft palate, craniostosis, spina bifida, atrial septal defect (also known as a ‘hole in the heart’), hypospadias (an abnormal male urethra) and polydactyly (having extra fingers or toes). disclaimer: This article: Illinois woman files Depakote birth defects lawsuit was posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 5:56 am at and is filed under Defective Drug Lawsuits.

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