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IHOP Salmonella Trial Begins

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The jury of the Potter County 320th District Court heard the first round of stories from victims who contracted salmonella after eating at the South Western Street IHOP in Texas. The restaurant had to close three times starting in June 2008 for salmonella outbreaks and city officials believe more than 125 people were sickened.

Victims told the court they experienced explosive diarrhea, and extended hospital stays. One victim said he started showing symptoms of sweating, fatigue, and diarrhea the day after eating at IHOP. His wife thought he was going to die. He became so weak, he fell and bruised his tailbone. Jerry Montgomery said he had to stay in the hospital for a week, wearing adult diapers because he had no control over his bowels. Hospital staff quarantined his room, believing he might be contagious.

Montgomery is seeking $250,000 in damages.

IHOP employee interviews lead investigators to believe the syrup bottles were the cause of the outbreak, as they were not being washed and sanitized before being refilled. After the September 2008 outbreak, investigators determined the cause of the outbreak to be an infected water bath used to warm bottles of syrup.  Nearly half the complaints filed in May 2010 have already settled. disclaimer: This article: IHOP Salmonella Trial Begins was posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 at 8:07 pm at and is filed under Food Poisoning Lawsuits.

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