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Franchisees File Class Action Lawsuit Against BP

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A federal class action lawsuit has been filed in California against BP by fifteen AmPm, BP and ARCO franchise owners for gas price and supply manipulation and installation of a defective centralized point-of-sale system.

The lawsuit claims that BP forced the plaintiffs to install a point-of-sale  made by Retalix LTD., a co-defendant in the lawsuit, and that the system was known to be faulty but BP required the nationwide installation of the system anyways. The lawsuit alleges the system fails to charge some customers, then double charges others.

The plaintiffs also claim that BP manipulates “gas pricing by deliberating delivering gas before or after price increases or decreases that serve to increase the sales price charged to franchisees.” And that BP forces the owners to buy certain supplies from BP at prices that are “far higher than what plaintiffs could pay in the open and fair market.”

The class action also states that BP deducts a percentage of the plaintiffs gross sales for advertising and promotion, but that some of that money gets transferred to the general fund instead of spent on the intended use.

The plaintiffs seek damages, punitive damages for breach of contract and negligence as well as injunctive relief to remove the faulty Retalix LTD., system.
 disclaimer: This article: Franchisees File Class Action Lawsuit Against BP was posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 9:09 pm at and is filed under Fraud Lawsuits.

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