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FDA Warning Issued About Zyvox and CNS Reactions

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The FDA has issued a warning about the antibacterial drug Zyvox, used to treat infections including pneumonia, and the possibility of serious reactions in patients who are taking certain psychiatric medications.

Linezolid, (Zyvox) inhibits the action of the enzyme (monoamine oxidase A) for breaking down serotonin levels in the brain. The FDA reports that it is believed that  when Zyvox is given to patients taking serotonergic psychiatric medications, the risk of severe toxicity, called Serotonin Syndrome, can develop. AT least one death is being blamed on concomitant administration of linezolid and a serotonergic psychiatric medication.

The signs of Serotonin Syndrome include confusion, hyperactivity, memory problems, muscle twitching, excessive sweating, shivering or shaking, diarrhea, coordination issues, and/or fever.

Safety information about this potential drug interaction and important drug usage recommendations for emergency and non-emergency situations are being added to the drug labels for serotonergic psychiatric medications and linezolid (Zyvox®)

Included on the list of drugs that works through the serotonin system of the brain (serotonergic psychiatric medications), are Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Effexor, and Tofranil.  A complete list of medications can be found at

Patients on serotonergic psychiatric medication who must take Zyvox, must weigh the benefits and the risks with their doctor. Patients should not stop taking either medication without the guidance and advise of the physicians. disclaimer: This article: FDA Warning Issued About Zyvox and CNS Reactions was posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 at 7:56 pm at and is filed under Defective Drug Lawsuits.

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