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Family Of Dead Teen Files Lawsuit Against Four Loko

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The family of 15 year-old Johnny Rupp filed a lawsuit in Chicago Illinois against the makers of Four Loko after  the boy drank two cans of the fruity alcohol and caffeine combination drink and walked into the path of an oncoming car.

The boy purchased the drink at a gas station before heading to a concert. He was kicked out of the concert for intoxication, picked up by his mother, and then on the way home, became paranoid, and jumped out of her vehicle and was stuck by an SUV. He died the following day.

Four Loko manufacturer Phusion Projects and other manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks were warned by the Food and Drug Administration that the products were not safe and should be removed from the market.  Later, the stimulants were removed from Four Loko, leaving the fruity flavors and alcohol.

After numerous lawsuits and pressure from legislators, Four Loko has been banned in several states. An attorney for the Rupp’s said that Four Loko is known as “Blackout in a can or liquid cocaine.” He said that the point of Four Loko is to get “absolutely looped.”

The Rupp’s lawsuit is one of many recently filed against Four Loko makers. disclaimer: This article: Family Of Dead Teen Files Lawsuit Against Four Loko was posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 at 6:52 pm at and is filed under Personal Injury Lawsuits.

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