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Costa Concordia Passengers Facing Formidable Lawsuit Obstacles

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An investigation by Reuters shows that historically, cruise ship passengers face formidable obstacles when trying to recover high dollar damages. Though many people embark on cruises each year, few actually read the “complex, multi-page ticket contracts” that are designed to protect cruise line operators from significant lawsuits. One of the more common terms, is the requirement of passengers to file lawsuit in specific, and often remote, jurisdictions.

The ticket contract accepted by passengers on the Costa Concordia requires “all claims, controversies, disputes, suits and matters of any kind whatsoever…shall be instituted only in the courts of Genoa, Italy.”

Some of the issues Costa Concordia passengers face are Italian attorneys who usually do not work on contingency, and the tendency for cases to drag on for years, especially in cases like the wreck of the cruise ship, that also involves criminal charges, and a criminal investigation of the captain.

39 survivors have filed a $528 million lawsuit against Costa Concordia parent company Carnival Corp., in Florida circuit court, believing that the terms of the ticket contract are “null and void by virtue of the extreme nature of the conduct” of the captain, who is currently on house arrest and facing charges over the death of the passengers, and abandoning ship. disclaimer: This article: Costa Concordia Passengers Facing Formidable Lawsuit Obstacles was posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 9:24 pm at and is filed under Accident Lawsuits.

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