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Concussed Pros Bring Lawsuits Against NFL over Head Injuries

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Four former football players filed a lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Properties in U.S. District Court in Atlanta accusing the league of concealing the side effects of concussions. Former Green Bay Packers running back Dorsey Levens, 41; former Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns running bank Jamal Lewis, 32; Ryan Stewart, 38, the former Detroit Lions safety, and former linebacker Fulton Kuykendall 58, filed the lawsuit this month.

USA Today reports an email from league Vice President of Communications Greg Aiello denies the claims made by the four players as well as the claims included in nearly a half dozen lawsuits filed by other former players this month.  “The NFL has long made player safety a priority and continues to do so…Any allegation that the NFL intentionally sought to mislead players has no merit. It stands in contrast to the league’s actions to better protect and advance the science and medical understanding of the management and treatment of concussions.”

Levins made a documentary “Bell-Rung” which focuses on the number of concussions incurred by Lewis, Ellie Hobbs and other former players. The 24-minute show also discusses Takeo Spikes and the 15 to 20 concussions he has suffered during his 14 year career. “The lawsuit is more about raising awareness on concussions and trying to light a fire under the NFL to help these guys who are struggling,” said Levens, a Comcast Southeast NFL analyst. “I found there’s a great need for guys, especially with health care.
“You envision playing pro football for however many years; making some good money; retiring and enjoying life. And the quality of life is not what it needs to be for a lot of these guys.
“I’m just trying to get them the medical help they need — sooner than later.”

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and requests a jury trial. disclaimer: This article: Concussed Pros Bring Lawsuits Against NFL over Head Injuries was posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 1:04 pm at and is filed under Personal Injury Lawsuits.

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