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Clorox Ordered to Stop Airing False Claim Fresh Step Commercials

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Judge Jed Rakoff has ordered Clorox to temporarily stop airing commercials that claim Fresh Step cat litter with carbon is more effective than Arm & Hammer Super Scope made with baking soda, after Arm & Hammer manufacturer Church & Dwight filed a lawsuit against the company. This is the second time Church & Dwight has sued Clorox.

The first lawsuit was filed over Clorox commercials that claimed cats preferred to use Fresh Step rather than Arm & Hammer Super Scoop cat litter. Clorox agreed to stop those commercials; however, it replaced them with commercials that claimed the active ingredient in Fresh Step, carbon, was more effective than Super Scoop main odor-eliminating ingredient, baking soda. Clorox based these claims on lab tests, which included 11 panelists sniffing cat feces, and urine that had been sealed in jars with either baking soda or carbon.

Judge Rakoff said in his 13-page decision that “Clorox, cloaking itself in the authority of ‘a lab test,’ made literally false claims going to the heart of one of the main reasons for purchasing cat litter,” Reuters reported. “It is highly implausible that 11 panelists would stick their noses in jars of excrement and report 44 independent times that they smelled nothing unpleasant,” he wrote. disclaimer: This article: Clorox Ordered to Stop Airing False Claim Fresh Step Commercials was posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 8:15 pm at and is filed under Fraud Lawsuits.

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