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Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Google and Apple For Wage Fixing

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A new class action lawsuit filed in California state court against Intel, Adobe, Pixar, LucasFilm, Google and Apple alleging the companies violated California antitrust, business and unfair competition laws by conspiring to fix and suppress the compensation of their employees.

According to the lawsuit, the involved companies allegedly created a “web of express agreements,” that eliminated competition and capped pay to keep employees from jumping around between the companies.

It has been reported that the same companies were involved in a lawsuit with the Department of Justice in 2009 for secret deals to fix wages and prevent cold-calling solicitations.  The Department of Justice is not seeking compensation for the victims of the wage fixing.

Siddarth Hariharan, a former software engineer at LucasFilm, says “It’s disappointing that, while we were working hard to make terrific products that resulted in enormous profits for Lucasfilm, senior executives of the company cut deals with other premiere high tech companies.”

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, purchased the computer graphics division of LucasFilm’s, which became the famed Pixar Animation Studios, makers of the Toy Story and Finding Nemo movies.
 disclaimer: This article: Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Google and Apple For Wage Fixing was posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at 7:45 pm at and is filed under Employment Lawsuits.

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