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Child Poisoned By E.Coli Tainted Beef Files Lawsuit Against Grocery Chains

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A Canadian boy who was left blind and brain-damaged from eating E.coli tainted hamburger is suing Westfair Foods, Superstore and XL Foods.

The lawsuit was filed in Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench and claims that the child became severely ill after eating the meat and suffered hemolytic uremic syndrome, had to undergo a kidney transplant, has spastic triplegia, developmental delays, can no longer care for himself and has severe and ongoing pain.

A lawyer for the 9-year-old said that he was hospitalized in June 2004, and that “For the first year or two they didn’t know if the child would survive,” and that the extent of his injuries were not known until a few years later. He described the boy as “a child with catastrophic injuries.”

Attorneys for the child said he is now a permanent ward of Winnipeg Child and Family Services because his mother was no longer able to provide for his special needs. The lawsuit is seeking general damages, including the cost of lifelong care and future loss of income.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency imposed a ground beef recall in August 2004 after two people suffered E. coli poisoning in July 2004, and were able to discover the source of the tainted meat. disclaimer: This article: Child Poisoned By E.Coli Tainted Beef Files Lawsuit Against Grocery Chains was posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 7:10 pm at and is filed under Food Poisoning Lawsuits.

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