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Carnival Cruise Sued over Allegedly Incompetent Crew Member

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John Showers has filed a federal lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines alleging an incompetent crewmember was filling in for the ship’s nurse when his wife Victoria became critically ill, and was given a laxative for an obstructed bowel.

According to the lawsuit   “In the morning of November 2, 2010, while the ship was anchored in Belize waters, Victoria developed severe abdominal pain and was unable to walk. As a result, at 9:00 a.m., plaintiff began calling for a wheelchair to take his wife to the Medical Clinic on the ship,” where four nurses and two physicians were thought to be available to the needs of the crew and passengers.

The lawsuit says that the unidentified nurse fill-in did not notify one of the ship’s doctors, and gave the plaintiff an enema. The suit says that Victoria was finally seen by the ship’s nurse and physician around 3:30 in the afternoon, where she was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction, and taken ashore in Belize for emergency treatment. The lawsuit alleges that the physician told Showers that “the hospital in Belize was ‘a good hospital to which they sent sick crew members for medical care when sickbay couldn’t handle the problem.’

“Contrary to the doctor’s representations, and as later confirmed by the United States State Department, and known to Carnival and Bulajic, the availability of advanced medical treatment in Belize is limited, even in Belize City.”

Victoria had to be evacuated by air flight to Miami where she was admitted and diagnosed with “peritoneal contamination of her abdomen” which “gave Victoria virtually no chance of survival. Medical treatment at that time could only prolong her dying process.”

“Victoria was hospitalized from November 4, 2010 until December 22, 2010. During this time she was subjected to multiple surgical procedures, treatment for bowel obstruction, infection and complications from this condition, including shock, pneumonia and acute kidney injury. Notwithstanding the continuous intensive care and treatment, and the severe pain and suffering she endured, Victoria died on December 22, 2010.”

The lawsuit seeks more than $5 million in damages from Carnival Cruise for wrongful death and negligence, and from the onboard nurse, unidentified crewmember, and physician for medical negligence. disclaimer: This article: Carnival Cruise Sued over Allegedly Incompetent Crew Member was posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 9:03 pm at and is filed under Accident Lawsuits.

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