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Canadian Blames Fracking For Contaminated Well Water

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An woman in Alberta, Canada has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against EnCana, Alberta Environment and the Energy Resources Conservation Board for negligence and unlawful activities after her well water became contaminated with methane she blames on fracking.

Jessica Ernst, a 54 year old oil and gas consultant said that she started to notice changes in her water in 2004 when her water appeared to be causing skin rashes that cracked her hands and knuckles. Her faucets started to whistle when she used them. “The tap in the kitchen — there was so much gas coming out of it, I couldn’t close it. I actually had to go to the barn and turn my well off in order to be able to close the tap.”

A year later she started to put two and two together after learning that natural gas wells had been drilled all around the Rosebud area.

Vice-president of Media Relations for EnCana Alan Boras said  “The connection between water wells and natural gas development in Rosebud has been studied extensively, including a detailed study by the Alberta Research Council, and there was no connection found between coalbed methane development and groundwater that is used for water wells.”

Ernst, who has to haul clean water to her home, said of the lawsuit , “My chances of getting money out of this are quite slim and, in fact, it’s going to cost me everything I have. I’m selling what I have to pay for this. I’m using all my savings because I believe it’s that important and I’m doing it to expose the truth. I’m not doing it for any money. I would rather not do this case. If it costs me my savings to get the truth, I think it’s worth it.”

 disclaimer: This article: Canadian Blames Fracking For Contaminated Well Water was posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 7:50 pm at and is filed under Toxic Substances Lawsuits.

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