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BP Wins Against Environmental Claims Bundle

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A federal judge has ruled in favor of BP and Transocean, dismissing an environmental claims stemming from the BP oil spill bundle saying that the lawsuits were irrelevant.

Tasked with overseeing the consolidated oil spill litigation from the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier wrote of the D1 bundle, “The injunction at this stage would be useless, as not only is there no ongoing release from the well, but there is also no viable offshore facility from which any release could possibly occur. The Macondo well is dead, and what remains of the Deepwater Horizon vessel is on the ocean floor, where it capsized and sank in 5,000 feet of water.
“Moreover, BP and the agencies comprising the Unified Area Command have been and are cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. An injury is not redressable by a citizen suit when the injury is already being addressed.”

The massive litigation has been bundled into groups based upon claim type. Claims can belong to more than one bundle, and the judge said that claims in the D1 bundle can still be heard if they are seeking damages for something other than the environmental claims.
 disclaimer: This article: BP Wins Against Environmental Claims Bundle was posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 7:58 pm at and is filed under Toxic Substances Lawsuits.

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