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BP Hit with Whistleblower Lawsuit over Oil Spill Cleanup

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Former BP employee August Walter has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the company, claiming he was terminated after he alleged that one of his bosses did not provide the Coast Guard with the “true status” of what substances needed to be cleaned and manipulated data on shoreline cleanup.

The lawsuit also says that Walter refused to misrepresent that Mississippi cleanup was nearer completion than it actually was, and that he was fired in retaliation for his complaints against BP, saying they were not following environmental regulations and were “picking and choosing what oil to pick up.” Walter alleges that BP took “short cuts” during the cleanup operation, and that a BP official said the company would not clean up oil debris smaller than tar balls.  

“This was all based on money and had nothing to do with actually cleaning up the oil or meeting the (Shoreline Treatment Recommendations) or environmental requirements,” the Associated Press reported the lawsuit as saying.

Walter’s lawsuit makes allegations against only BP’s Mississippi cleanup operations, though news reports say that Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana had similar clean up plans.
 disclaimer: This article: BP Hit with Whistleblower Lawsuit over Oil Spill Cleanup was posted on Friday, January 27th, 2012 at 8:53 pm at and is filed under Toxic Substances Lawsuits.

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