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Accident Victim’s Award Lowered After Tweeting About “Epic Weekend”

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A woman who received a $237,000 after being injured in a car accident has had the award lowered to $142,000 after tweeting about her “epic weekend” on Twitter.

Omiesha Daniels originally asked for $1.1 million after a car accident left her with a broken arm and a cut to the forehead, but a jury awarded her just $237,000. Daniels claimed the injuries prevented her from performing her duties as a hair stylist. When the defense attorney in the case came across Daniels’ tweets about partying in New Orleans, he presented them to the jury. Daniels could be seen holding her purse with her broken arm in tweeted photos, reported.

The jury allowed Daniels to keep some of the money because she was genuinely injured. The majority of her clients are African-American, and her injuries make it difficult for her to braid and weave their hair. The defense attorney in the case said, “Twitter sunk her. Those kinds of comments and that level of activity hurt the pain and suffering claim, even when she was saying she couldn’t work like she used to,” wrote. disclaimer: This article: Accident Victim’s Award Lowered After Tweeting About “Epic Weekend” was posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 7:08 pm at and is filed under Accident Lawsuits, Other Lawsuits.

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